What mouse do you use?


Sep 10, 2012
Hey, I am average PC gamer and the genre that I play the most is probably first person shooters. Currently I am using the Logitech G500 mouse and my opinions on it are pretty decent. However, the only thing that may be irritating to me is the sensor placement in the mouse. In the G500, the sensor is placed not in the center like in most mouses, but it is placed where your fingertips are located. I had this mouse for almost a year and I still have not grown accustomed to it. I guess I am more used to the sensor being in the center of the mouse because when I made the switch back to my optical mouse with a center placed sensor, it felt more natural and I was able to pick out targets more easily.

So my question is this... Should I buy another mouse that have a sensor that's in the center of the mouse? If so, what mouses do you guys prefer? In my mind right now is either the Razer Deathadder or the Logitech G9X. Feel free to let me know of other mouses that you would recommend.

Or should I stick with my current mouse, the G500, because some may think that the finger tip sensor placement is superior than the mouses with the sensor that is placed in the center?

Opinions? Thoughts?



If you still aren't used to your mouse then you should definetly get a new one.The mouse im using right now is the A4Tech X7 760BH and im very happy with it but i've never really used any expensive mice like the Razer Deathadder.I got mine because it's price was rediculously low (20$).
If i was going to buy a mouse right now that would probably be the Steelseries Sensei [RAW]
I'm curious as to how it affects you to have the sensor centered. As far as my experience with mice, it doesn't make a lick of difference as to where it is located, as mouse movements are all relative movements and behave exactly the same regardless of where it's located. The only thing I can think of is you use the mouse over a ledge of something or you don't keep the mouse flat to the surface.
I also use a Sidewinder X8 and would recommend it, but with the caveat that if you use a claw grip (so you don't place your hand fully over the mouse) then you need a pretty long thumb to reach the thumb buttons. The way I use the mouse is basically moving it with my thumb and first two fingers, with reload and melee on thumb buttons.

Reload is OK because you're typically reloading behind cover, but melee can be a little clumsy. Other thing is that I used to use a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (so non-laser non-gaming mouse) and it was every bit as good as this for gaming, despite being half the price. So I'm not convinced I really need a laser mouse with ultra high DPI etc.

Coincidentally I also have the same processor in the same motherboard with the same memory as bystander...


Apr 18, 2011
In signature, but Zowie AM. I use it because it's a slim design and the sensor placement, sensor quality and general shape make it feel reliable. It felt very natural when I first bought it, and it happens to natively accomodate my preferred DPI of 2300.

I guess I would recommend it to someone who likes one of the 3 DPI settings it carries, and is primarily interested in a mouse with zero acceleration/zero prediction over other options like an abundance of buttons and so on.

On a side note, and I don't think this is a make or break point for any mouse, but Zowie's mouse cords are the lowest-drag mouse cords that I've ever used personally. I can't even feel it on the desk, and while I've rarely been annoyed with a mouse cord (G700 plugged in is how stiff a cord needs to be to annoy me) I do think Zowie deserves some credit for having an extremely light and flexible cord. Far more so than any of the braided designs other companies are starting to adopt for the appearance of quality (these all fray in short order anyway so it's kind of lol *shrug*).

If you're not comfortable with your mouse then you should just change. There is no such thing as "superior sensor placement". 90% of what makes a mouse good is how comfortable and natural it is to YOU. What someone else thinks about an arbitrary thing like sensor placement is irrelevant.


Sep 30, 2012
I use a MS Sidewinder x8 its a good mouse, not the most fancy or expensive but its a comfortable mouse with a play and charge feature
meaning that you don't have to plug it into a "dock" and sit without a mouse while it charges.

I too have the mouse as I mentioned above, though I didn't give a review about it. My favorite aspects about the mouse are this:

1) It's wireless, yet still is very responsive with a 500/s polling rate. Though 1000/s polling rates are becoming more popular, the difference isn't huge.

2) The charge feature is the best I've ever seen. The wire used to charge is so thin and light, it still feels almost like you are wireless and you can play while it charges by simply using a magnetic connection. It also lasts a long time, several times longer than the G700.

3) The thumb button layout has made it very hard for me to use the old mx518 layout, which most mice use.

4) The addition of tilting the middle mouse button as a programmable action is very handy.

The couple things that bother me are:
1) I would prefer a 1000/s polling rate, even though 500/s is good. With a 120hz monitor, the difference can be noticeable, where as at 60hz I don't notice the difference.
2) I wish there were a couple extra buttons to program.

I've tried to replace this mouse with the Logitech G400, but I could not go back to the thumb button layout, and it lacked the middle button tilt. The polling rate was a nice benefit, and the logitech gaming software is better than any other (only 2 use it, there latest mice).

I'm also intrigued by the G600 MMO mouse. There is no way I'd use all the thumb buttons, but even if I used only 2-4, they give me the option to use them like I use the MS sidewinder x8, in an up and down rocking motion, and they added a button for the ring finger, with the higher polling rate.


Sep 7, 2012
I use Alien G9 because: the design, weight and movement fit with my hand. have the dpi up/down button, rubber pad that stick. bonus : the light is kinda cool..