What mouse to get?


Jul 19, 2011
Not to sure where to put this.. so im guessing here is fine.

Im looking to get a new mouse, Money is not a issue so any mouse will be fine.

Im looking into a gaming mouse, Steelseries, Cyborg so on, just not razer iv had them for about 3 years and its time to change up brands. Iv been reading up and it seem Cyborg's R.A.T series seems good. What do you guys think? let me know!


Mar 15, 2011
alot of it depends on how you hold the mouse, which is why its a great idea to go down to best buy and put your hands on em.
i also have a large hand (9" span), but i prefer the g9x over a large mouse like the g500 because i use a more claw-like grip as opposed to a palm grip. if you hold your mouse primarily with your fingertips, and move it with your wrist and hand, youll probably prefer a smaller mouse. if you rest your whole hand on the mouse and use your wrist and arm to move the mouse, youll probably prefer a larger mouse.