Question What Movie Am I Thinking Of

May 10, 2020
Please help. Today I remembered a movie I watched as a kid (maybe 10-15 years ago). It’s a very foggy memory. I talked to my siblings and we made a list of everything we can remember about it. I’ve searched online for HOURS and can’t find anything about it. Please help me figure out what obscure movie I watched as a kid! Here’s what I know:
  • It’s a Christian kids movie
  • The main superhero might be a muscular chicken.
  • The sidekick is definitely a short pig.
  • In the very beginning they are jumping on a bed in their bedroom.
  • The bad guy makes evil robotic bugs that would crawl in people’s ears and tempt them to sin.
  • The pig gets a bug in his ear but he eats ice cream and it freezes and kills the bug.
  • There is some scene at an art gallery where the artist gets a bug in their ear.
  • There is some scene underwater where they’re being chased in a boat by evil sharks.
  • They have a secret underground lair with a big computer.
  • In an underground maze, a dog chases them. They throw a t-bone and he is distracted.
  • One of the good guys has the “power of creativity” to draw in the air and whatever he draws comes to life.
  • At the end, there’s a scene in an elevator that leads to a rooftop where they defeat the bad guy.
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May 10, 2020
Movie or animation/cartoon?
About how old ?
How did you watch it? Youtube, TV Broadcast, DVD , VHS...?
it was early 2000s, maybe like 2008 or something. It was on dvd. It was a movie but I think it was only like 30 minutes. I think the animation might have been comic book inspired
Aug 17, 2020
I really could not think of any movie I viewed like this. But if you could give a hint about the actor, I think I may be able to know it. BTW, I really like Hugh Jackman and this does not seem to have the actor in it. Basically, it's a kids' movie so really hard to guess.