What needs to be upgraded to run Fraps?


Sep 1, 2011
I built my system a while ago, about a year and a half or so. I have been recording gameplay videos but when I run FRAPS my FPS drops down so low, to about 10-15FPS, I have only been able to record sort of older games. When I try to run more recent games, such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, it runs great.. around 63fps, but as soon as I start record it will drop to 10.. and then 4fps.. and it becomes unplayable.

I want to record Dead Island as soon as that drops, but I was curious on what I'd have to change in my system to be able to record HD gameplay without a huge hit to FPS.

My current setup is:

Processor: Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @2.67GHz
RAM: 12 GB
MoBo: MSI X58 Pro-E (MS-7522) 3.0
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

Is there anything I have to upgrade to be able to record and run the game at the same time? Any advice from others who do it?

Thanks! :hello:
When I have used FRAPs to record , it has made no difference to game play . It definitely doesnt load up the system
And my computer is not any where near as powerful as yours

I still think you must have a software issue , but what exactly it is is impossible to tell
Software issue was definitely the first thing that came to mind, but I see someone else is on to that. It's not unheard of for this to happen with FRAPS (just google "fraps crash" and any game name and you'll see someone else with a similar problem). I don't know what to tell you, except if you're not on the most recent version, try updating to that, because if you're using a version of FRAPS from a year and a half ago, then yeah, you might see issues with games newer than that.