[SOLVED] what operating system is recommended for an unsupported white macbook


Dec 15, 2016
Hello, earlier this week i found my old white macbook laptop that has a cracked screen, i used this laptop back when it came out (i think 2008 or 2009) in those days it was a very fast and efficient laptop (im a windows user now btw). one day the screen broke and i remember it costed like half of what the laptop costed me to fix it so i laid it to rest (i was so sad lul) in the early 2010s i started using again with an external monitor and it was very slow but i still could use it, these days i powered it up again and its almost not usable but i wanted to maybe put an ssd in it and also upgrade it from 1gb of ram to atleast 4gb of ram and i saw some people on youtube doing this and installing newer operatings systems to it because the current one it is in is no longer supported, so i was wondering for a white macbook with 4 gigs of ram, a 120 ssd, a core 2 duo (two cores) 2.2 GHz cpu. what is a recommended operating system for it to run smooth, i was thinking if it could at least run Yosemite without problems but i really need opinions from people that know better than me. im looking to revive this laptop for fun as i have another main pc that i use on the daily. in the end if succeed ill use it with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Upgrade to 8GB RAM. 4GB is too constraining nowadays. Get it used off eBay. No reason to waste money on new RAM for an old computer. My Core 2 Duo 2009 iMac runs fine with 8GB and SSD with macOS High Sierra. No need for Windows.