Question What parts for a water cooling system should I choose

Mr Subs

Jan 26, 2010
I have an MSI 3080 TI Ventus 3x that I have seen hit 110 edit: (C not F), but I usually power limit it so it only gets to 96 C.

Barrow Copper GPU Water Cooling Block GPU Waterblock Graphics Card Water Cooling Block for MSI RTX3090 RTX3080 RTX3070 (for MSI RTX3090 RTX3080 Ventus 3X with Water Cooling Backplate)
$280 (looks to be a good amount of copper in the plates)

Bykski GPU Block With Active Waterway Backplane Water Cooling Cooler For MSI RTX 3090 3080 Ventus N-MS3090VES-TC
$168.80 (looks totally acrylic, but states the block is a high purity copper)

And could someone please recommend a tank for supplying it with water. Also, is there a tank that could feed both the GPU block as well as a separate one for a CPU? Thank you!

I just found this one as well

Bitspower Titan Series GPU Cooling Expansion Kit for MSI GeForce RTX 3090 VENTUS series
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Mr Subs

Jan 26, 2010
110°F is only 43.3°C and is a great load temp for a 3080ti.
It's my highest memory temp on GPU Z and sorry it is in Celsius

So after a bit more research I am starting to realize all the things I would need. If anyone can help me reduce my cost without making a poor decision, I'd appreciate it.

GPU Water Block:
Hydro X Series XG7 RGB 30-SERIES VENTUS GPU Water Block (3090, 3080 Ti, 3080) -$169.99

Hydro X Series XR5 240mm Water Cooling Radiator -$69.99
or DIYhz 12 Pipe Aluminum Heat Exchanger Liquid Cooling Radiator Heat Sink 240mm -$21.99

Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo — Black -$154.99
or (not sure what the C02 here involves, hopefully does not entail buying a lot of C02 refills)
BXQINLENX 600L/H CPU Cooling Heat Exchanger Water Pump Tank 117 ml CO2 Cooler -$42.99

or (but I guess I would need a dual pump link)
Dual 800L/H CPU Cooling Cylinder Pump Water Cooling Tank Water Pump Radiator -$49.39
or (but would have to change all parts to match 1/4" size)
CPU Water Cooling Pump Reservoir DIY Combo, 800L/H Water Pump, G 1/4" Thread Port, -$48.39

Hydro X Series XF Compression 10/13mm (3/8” / 1/2”) ID/OD Fitting Four Pack — Black $26.99
or BXQINLENX Silver Chrome G1/4" to ID 3/8" OD 1/2" Soft TUBING Compression Fitting $11.99

Hydro X Series XL8 Performance Coolant 1L — Clear $19.99
or from newegg: Hydro X Series XL8 Performance Coolant 1L - Blue $18.99

Hydro X Series XT Softline 10/13mm (3/8” / 1/2”) ID/OD Tubing $16.99
or only 3 ft instead of 9
BXQINLENX 3/8" X 1/2" (9.5X12.7mm) Water Cooling Tubing $5.99

Hydro X Total (w/ cheaper radiator): $410.94

Total with all cheaper parts (BXQINLENX Pump & MicroCenter Bitspower Block): $261.94

Not including

Hydro X Series Filling Bottle $2.99
Hydro X Series XC5 RGB CPU Water Block (AM4) $59.99

or Full System without the Block
ASHATA PC Water Cooling Kit,Universal Water Cooling Radiator,Tubing,Pump,Cylindrical Tank,Dual Fan,Mounting Accessories Computer Water Cooling Liquid Cooler Kit $251.29 + Block $159.99 = $411.98

or Thermaltake Pacific C240 Ddc Res/Pump 5V Motherboard Sync Copper Radiator Soft Tube Water Cooling Kit CL-W249-CU12SW-A, 240mm Copper Radiator $249.99 + Block $159.99 = $409.98
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