What PC gaming headset should I get?


Nov 10, 2011
My birthday is coming up soon and I am looking to get a headset with a mic for gaming. Price isn't too big of an issue as long as it doesn't exceed 200$. My biggest issue is chord tangling (I play on a laptop so the chord is usually bunched since I am right next to the plug-in). I cannot stand when a headset chord tangles and every single wired headset I've had in the past (razer, triton) has tangled up by itself. I have tried one wireless headset (turtle beach px3) and did not like it because I could only get the usb version to work so it had poor audio quality. I don't care whether the headset is wired or wireless, it just has to not tangle if its wired. I'm not sure if there is some kind of wire that is made so it doesn't tangle but the cheaper ones that I have bought all did tangle. If it matters I usually play games like WoW, Diablo, LoL. I don't play shooters or anything like that. So if anyone has any suggestions for a reliable PC wireless gaming headset that won't tangle, has good audio quality, and is comfortable, I would greatly appreciate it.


Apr 3, 2012
I use the Logitech G930, it's wireless. Logitech is a brand I've always trusted and their customer support is amazing.
I was using my Xbox Turtle Beach headset and I have to say there is a noticeable difference in quality. My friends say my voice comes across clear, the scroll volume wheel on the side of the headset is nice, and the button / raising the microphone to mute is great especially when you get up to get a drink or something. It's 7.1 surround sound and the quality is amazing, I hear stuff in games I never heard before. The headset is really comfortable and uses USB. Now for the downside of the mic, you will need to charge it every night if you do a decent amount of gaming. The pin to plug it in is kinda annoying, but manageable. There is plug and play for when you're out of power and you need it but you lose your wireless freedom! Sometimes there is an odd high pitched tone that comes across the mic, I think that it's interference on the wireless band but my setup doesn't change. I have to turn the mic off and back on to get rid of it. From the research I did, it is still one of the best wireless headsets, especially for the price.

This is also an option, the Logitech G35, which is basically the same headset but wired and I think the wireless would be good for you.

If you have a place like a Microcenter or Fry's near you, you could always request your present be bought from there and then you can test it out and if you don't like it, use their 30 day return policy. You get to try before you commit to buying.