Question What PCIe adapter to run my NVMe SSD at full speed?

Apr 19, 2022
So I've read that using PCIe adapter can make your SSD run at full speed if NVMe is not supported by your motherboard. My SSD is running at 700mb read which is 1/3 of its max speed of 2100/1700. But I don't know anything about PCIe adapters. So which adapter should I buy to get my full speed? (Doesn't matter if I can boot with it or not, I can use my HDD for this)

My motherboard:
Asus H110m-e/m.2
SSD slot (10Gb/s M.2 Socket 3 )
Your motherboard has ony single PCIE slot supporting PCIE 3.0 x4 (necessary for full nvme PCIE 3.0 speed). That is PCIE x16 slot.
If you have a discrete graphics card installed there, then you have no free PCIE slots left.

So ...
if you have no discrete graphics card, then you can use any PCIE M.2 adapter for installing M.2 drive.
if you have a discrete graphics card, then no adapter will help you. You'll need a new motherboard.
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