What performance should I be getting in FSX?


Jul 19, 2010
Hey guys,
I have a relatively high-end system for gaming. I am running an Intel i5 2500k @ 4.5Ghz with an Nvidia GTX 465 (at stock speeds), as well as 4 gig's of RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have been running FSX on this system for about 10 months now, and it works fine, but I can't shake the feeling that it isn't performing as it should on my current setup. I have the most recent drivers for everything, keep my hard drive defragged and run FSX as the only game application on the computer. I have it updated to service pack 2 with Acceleration and have plenty of tweaks applied and my settings are optimized, but my frame rates are on the low side and inconsistent at best. I average 50 to 80 FPS in the air and 15 to 50 on the ground. Obviously, these are very large FPS ranges and on top of that, I can't hold a constant frame rate without using an external limiter (which I have set to 30 FPS), but even still I've noticed that although my FPS stabilizes at around 30 FPS, I get severe micro-stuttering and dropped frames. Any of you who have a high-end system with FSX have this issue as well? If not, what do you recommend I try doing? I have been considering swapping the graphics card with a GTX 560 Ti, as I have heard FSX runs better on this card than any other for the price, but on that note, that means I would have to sell my 465, then wait at least a month for it to 1.) get bought on Ebay and 2.) to save the remaining amount of cash I would need. Plus since I don't have a spare GPU lying around, my desktop would be grounded until the new one arrives. But moreover, I'm skeptical as to whether there will be any significant performance difference knowing how FSX utilizes the graphics card.

If it helps, I am also running heavier add-ons, such as REX Essential (will be installing Essential Overdrive as soon as it comes out), GEX: NA, UTX: NA, some Orbx and FlyTampa airports (at which I'm lucky to get over 20 FPS, even in the default Ultralight). For aircraft, I run the PMDG 737 NGX, Airbus X, a few Carenado aircraft and the CLS MD-80, DC-10 and 747 series. Traffic is World of AI. I also use ENB series to provide color corrections, light bloom (sometimes in tandem with FSX light bloom, but this is usually turned off) and depth of field effects, which I have found to surprisingly have no impact on my performance.

I should probably also mention that my settings are running nowhere near max. They are mostly between high and ultra high (which, even ultra high everything isn't even close to max settings). Any thoughts?