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Question What performance should I expect out of these components?


Apr 5, 2018
Hello all!

So, I am a very new-to-the-pc scene sort of person and I have had my PC for a good year now at least. I have had a few issues with it over that span of time but nothing that I could not tinker around with and fix. Fast forward to today and I feel as though the level of performance that I have been getting has actually DECREASED. I am not sure why. For example, he main games that I play are Battlefields 1 and 5, Modern Warfare/Warzone, and open world RPGs like The Witcher III. I know that these games are demanding but my build always handled them pretty well and over 120 FPS. Now I barely get over 100 FPS average and I do not know what changed. I play at 1440p 144Hz and I max out ALL settings except for Ray Tracing. My system is as follows:

------------- Ryzen 7 3800x---Corsair H100i Liquid Cooler---EVGA Hybrid Cooled RTX 2080 Super---16Gb (8+8) Gskill Trident RGB Memory 3600---Samsung 970 Evo 500Gb---Seagate Baracuda 3TB---RM850X PSU---ASUS ROG Crosshair Hero VIII -------------

My temps are perfectly normal (deduced from other forum posts and examining the relevant graphs), my usages seem correct (100% GPU on most games and nearly that much on CPU), and my PC is clean and relatively dust free inside since it is not very old. I have the newest drivers and the newest BIOS installed and all of my windows features are 100% updated. I have tried to be thorough with this and I can not find a reason. I should also mention that I run a VERY modest 60mHz core overclock on my GPU and a 100mHz overclock on my VRAM (found using afterburner auto OC). The performance drop is consistent with AND without said overclock though. Benchmarking software like Userbenchmark does not seem to notice any issue with my components either (link below)! Why might I be getting lower average FPS and some stuttering (particularly in the Battlefield titles for the stuttering)? Or is this the level of performance I SHOULD expect out of these components at max setting 1440p?


Thank You!!