Question What phone would you pick out of the three ?

Which of the three phones ?

  • Huawei p30 pro

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  • S10e

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Google pixel 3

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Your best bet it to read some comprehensive reviews. Personally, I usually go with Samsung and have S9 and S10 models among the family. Great features and battery life.

Be careful on your choice of any phone though -- some providers like ATT only allow some key features like wifi calling if you buy your phone from them. I buy unlocked phones and flash the ROM with Odin3 but that is not for the novice. TMobile supports unlocked phones fully, so I left ATT and am quite happy.
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Huawei p30 pro $700+
S10e $350+
Google Pixel 3 $350+

In all due honesty, I wouldn't pick any of them. :unsure:

Huawei- In the US means next to no customer support. Although they may be nice phones if something goes wrong and you have to RMA you are going to have a long...long... wait.

S10e- I'm moving in and out of cell range many times a day which makes that moderate battery life even worst.

Google Pixel 3- I'll never own a phone promoted by Amazon or Google because of what goes on under the OS and the amount of bloatware you can't uninstall without rooting your phone.

I use a G7 Power under Google Fi, it gives me the advantage of using any network and charging much less frequently... like once every 2 days. I don't play games on my phone so the overall muscle isn't a priority.
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