What processor is compatible with msi 870-gm am3


Nov 9, 2011
i would like to buy msi 870-gm am3 MOTHERBOARD and i would like to know what processor is BEST compatible with it..


i dont see any msi 870-gm model in MSI site, mention correct model number of the board..

But all most of the 870 chipset boards in MSI support upto X6 1100T.
depends upon your choice & usage, if you are looking for games only i suggest Phenom X4 965BE & overclock it.. (best value for buck)

going for x6 wont give u notable difference in games.. but expensive..
What specific model number of the board do you have? The "GM" reference is like some generic code. Here's one example that could be your board. Let us know if your board is a different model number from this: http://www.msi.com/product/mb/870-G45.html#/?div=CPUSupport. I recommend either the 955 or 1090 six core. Bios file 7599.vA8 will support either cpu. There is a used 955 for sale in this forum's classified section for $90, but I don't know if they will ship to your location.