Question what processor should I get for heavy adobe cc use and some gaming

Mar 20, 2019
I have an I-5 650 and I need an upgrade!!! I was torn between AMD and Intel until multiple reviews stating that Intel works better with adobe. Now I don't know if I should go with an i7 8700K or i9. What do you guys think?
Adobe likes frequency if I recall. But I am basing that on higher end workstation CPUs, there is some limit on the number of cores that Adobe will use, but it is well above 8. (I think it was 12 or something and you got diminishing returns with higher core count CPUs because the reduced frequency)

i9-9900k is probably the best of both worlds, but quite expensive. I would probably look at a Ryzen 2700 or 2700x, that is going to get you a lot of bang for the buck and you can spend the difference on a faster GPU for your gaming.