What PSU/how much wattage do i need?


Dec 20, 2013
Hi im pretty new to building and I am not sure if the psu i have now is enough to support the parts im looking at getting.It would be awesome if someone could help me out. I currently have a corsair tx750w psu. The parts i will have are-

Mother Board:ASUS Z87-PRO
Processor- i7 4770k

Sorry i forgot to add graphics card-
i have a GeForce GTX 760
With an overclocked i5 or i7, and a high-end graphics card, you only need between a 550 and 650w PSU.

Also, there's absolutely no reason to blow your budget on an i7. The only difference between it and an i5 is slightly more l3 cashe, and hyperthreading. Hyperthreading, because of the way the technology works, only applies to double-precision calculations... which a well coded game should not be using. Thus you're spending $100 more to get perhaps a 3% fps benefit in 3-4 games. Give me a break.

Also, the choice of the motherboard is up to you, but I personally think that thing is hideous looking, and really, you don't need a $200 motherboard when a $150 motherboard will do fine. Look at the AsRock z87 Extreme 4. (And remember that AsRock began as a subsidiary of Asus, tasked to design better budget motherboards. They did so well they became their own company.)

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