Question What PSU should I use with my parts?

Here is a handy chart to size a psu:
It suggests 550w for a 3060.

But, consider what potential graphics upgrades you might buy for the lifetime of the psu.
There is usually only a modest incremental price as you go from 550w to 650w/750w/850w.
A psu will use only the power demanded of it, regardless of the max capability.
It turns out that modern graphics cards can have power spikes well above the nominal power draw.

Do not buy a cheap psu. Look for one with at least a 7 year warranty.
Seasonic focus and corsair RM are good places to start.
Hello PumpkinMan46. I have a side question: Do you already own these parts (CPU / MB / GPU) or are you building new? If new, then I'd recommend that you opt for purchasing the Ryzen 5 5600 (non-G) as it has twice the L3 cache as the 5600G. If you already own these parts in a build, then what happened to your existing PSU?

Also, if a new build then honestly, I'd consider jumping straight to AM5: A GIGABYTE B650M DS3H costs only $10 more than the MSI B550-A PRO. Granted a Ryzen 5 7600 costs $90 more than a R5 5600, but it's 38% faster, if memory serves me.