Question What psu to choose between these 3 :master cooler 500w elite or the b500 v2 or thermaltake litepower 650w?

Aug 6, 2019
So i have an i5 8500 with msi gtx 1660 8gb ddr4 ram 1Tb HDD 120gb ssd and asus prime b360mk so from 500w to 650 w what wattage is good for me with the right price knowing i have only 3 options available that i mentionned above in the question i can afford only master cooler 500 elite or master cooler b500 v2 if i need more wattage i would have to wait longer to get thermaltake litepower 650w but i read that they dont last verylong
So please guys help me im in a bit of trouble thank you guys

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For the record, there is no 1660 with 8GB. Only 1660 6G and 1660Ti 6G (DDR6)

Unfortunately, my advice would be if you can't afford a good quality unit, wait until you can. Far too often we are advising forum members on the risks of poor quality PSUs, and a good quality one always pays off. The one thing you should never go cheap on, is the PSU.

It is more important to get the right component, as opposed to getting the cheapest one now and risk instability or worse to the rest of your components.

master cooler 500 elite
Very poor quality unit. Cooler Masters worst unit probably.

master cooler b500 v2
Not as bad, but still poor quality.

thermaltake litepower 650w
Just as bad unfortunately, one of Thermaltakes worst units.

A good quality 550W should be fine.

If you really are stuck for budget, this is usually the cheapest that is still decent quality - I personally wouldn't advise going any lower quality than this:

Power Supply:
Corsair CX (2017) 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply
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As per our previous conversation my friend!

All of the Cooler master Elite series are not good quality.

Cheap PSUs use lower grade OEM manufacturers and use cheap components which risk the safety of your other components. And the last thing you should scrimp on, is the component that literally provides direct power to your entire system.

Cheap PSUs = Cheap Components = Risk to your rig.

You can tell a lot about the quality of a PSU by it's warranty.

Anything 3 years and less is concerning and I would probably never touch myself.
Anything 5 years and less is decent enough, but sometimes questionable.
Then you'll have some of the best that can be around 7 to 10+ years.