[SOLVED] What ram kit should i use?

May 13, 2019
Well im asking this because i see a lot of different opinions about c14 and c16 timings,and im not concerned with the answers they give , so im asking in this forum .

This 3 rams im interested on buying for r5 3600x

G.SKILL 3600MHZ cl17 190$ (2x8)

G.SKILL 3200MHZ cl16 200$ (4x4)

G.SKILL 3200MHZ cl14 258$ (2x8)

The motherboard im using is as x470 f gaming so , first of all i dont have idea if those ram are going to work , but my question is which one is worth it to buy?
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I would buy the top C17 kit. The C17 ram will be slightly (1-2%) slower than the C14. This slight benefit isn't worth the extra money to me. Also 2x8gb>4x4gb for ryzen which is limited to dual channel.

With a decent X470 board like yours, you should be able to get the ram at or close to 3600mhz. Its luck really.
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