What RAM to get for Sandy Bridge now and Ivy Bridge later?

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Apr 20, 2012

This are my current specs:

Saphire HD 7850 OC (at default OC)
i5 2500k (turbo enabled, i.e. 3.7 ghz while gaming)
16 GB Corsair Vegeance @ 1333 (but can activate XPS for 1600 but would this really help at all?)
Maximus IV Gene-z/Gen 3 Motherboard (first release 0402 bios)
Blue Caviar WD 500 GB
Seasonic Semi Modular 620 W PSU

My Motherboard can support Ivy Bridge with a BIOS update, so in the future maybe a year or so I will move to ivy Bridge, which is why I want to purchase RAM that will be compatible with it and my motherboard.

I was not planning on changing my RAM as my whole system is only 20 days old. However after suspecting some issues with my PC, I got corrupt files in Starcraft twice, and reading that it could be the RAM, I first ran Memtest on the 4 sticks getting 130+ errrors in 15 minutes, so to discard Motherboard I ran them individually all in slot #1 all passsed for 2 1/2 passes, while one got 345 errors in < 10 mins. Then I proceeded to put one good stick in the rest of the slots for 2 passes and no errors. So there is definitely a problem with my RAM. I was just going to get a replacement from amazon but it is out of stock, so I am going to get a refund.

Anyway, now I am wondering what RAM should I buy, that will work great now with Sandy Bridge and later with Ivy Bridge. Any suggestions?. Price is not really a concern, but I don't really care about speed, I care about quality.

I was thinking about this ones:


Because of the 1.35 V, because as far as I know the lower voltage the better for the future.

Or if it will work fine for Ivy Bridge maybe just buy the 16 GB vengeance 1.5 V from newegg after my refund, or just get 8 GB from amazon, since those are in stock.

Thank you,

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