[SOLVED] What review type CPU benchmark (site) for due diligence?


If you were going to suggest to someone ONE site to use as a fair benchmark for ALL aspects of CPU performance, what would it be?

I had been using (3) different ones and took the conglomeration of information there to help make what I would have considered an informed decision about performance. One of those had been userbenchmark. (I know)
Having seen more and more "controversy" as to validity of information from that site as a tool, I got doing some investigating back on CPU that I had previously compared. I am not sure what aspect of performance they, in particular, are using...but are seriously fanboi-ing Intel, with results weighed very heavily on single core performance. I think many of us would agree that this as a benchmarking determiner is not worthy of the weight of the decision.

What site or sites do you rely on for info that is reliable and real world, if such exists?
I use passmark and cpuworld for my cpu information. Any benchmark is going to have some bias, but I've generally found that their relative comparisons are correct.