Question What router is needed for 1 gbps ?


Dec 8, 2018
So, I am a person who plays games and stream to twitch. Currently while I play modern warfare warzone, it is very laggy in game, and on the steam. I have 450 mbps download speed, and 15-20 upload speed. Do I need a router that can run 1gbps, and if so which do you recommend. Or is it just my setup 2x1080 fe i7 9700k OCed 32 Gb ram.
The router will never run faster than the internet you pay for. So if you only pay for 450m a gigabit router will still run the same speed.

Games use almost no bandwidth at all. Many are 300-500 KILO bits/sec, So you already have massively more bandwidth than a game uses.

Network performance in games is more about the quality of the connection rather than the size. You of course need to not be on wifi since that is one of the major causes of lag spikes in games. Leave a constant ping run in a back ground window to some ip like and see if you get very large changes in the latency.

A general note on router performance. Even very inexpensive routers can pass 1gbit of traffic. You would only need a very powerful router is you were doing something like content filter or VPN. In those cases I don't think there are any consumer routers that can run 1gbit you generally need to use some form of dual nic pc.

But the key thing to remember for games is they only really use a lot of bandwidth when you first download them
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Jan 27, 2011
I'm going to go ahead and speculate that the lag is caused by 1 of 2 issues.

1. You're trying to play and encode using CPU transcoding? You can try shadowplay or nvidia NVENC encoding on OBS to try offloading from the cpu to the GPU. Though, image quality will suffer. This is why nearly all pro streamers use a separate PC to run the stream and use a capture card into that PC. The stream just looks much cleaner with far less macroblocking.

2. Your upload bandwidth is getting saturated in spikes, like I've seen with plex. Using FQ_Codel will help alot with this issue. What router do you have now? You might be able to load openwrt or merlin, or other firmware on it which has a better QOS to help with streaming.