What Settings Can I Get On These Games With The GTX 560 Ti?


Nov 23, 2012
I am considering purchasing a GTX 560 Ti 1GB 384-core graphics card with plans to SLI them in the future, and I was wondering what settings I can get on games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, and Black Ops 2 at a reasonable FPS.
Back when the 560Ti released, they were great value since you could buy two of them cheaper than a GTX580 and get equivalent or better performance. So I would start by looking at what the 580 can handle.

Agree with Mack though. There's not much point buying two old mid-range cards to SLI with. You can spend your money better on just a single modern card, as currently there arent any magic cards like the 560Ti was when it released.