What settings to use on a 3500+ ?


Nov 3, 2003
Hello there guys. I am coming to see you guys again in my time of need :)

Well, I dont have a problem currently, but I have been looking at my clock settings etc in the Bios and I am curious at what speeds my cpu is supposed to run at.

I currently own a amd 3500+ (winchester model ) that runs on a nforce 3 mainboard (Microstar). I have been looking at the settings, and it looks to me like the autosettings are correct. But what multiplier etc should these settings be? I have also used Sisoft sandra on my comp, just for fun really. But Sandra says that my vcore is less than the rated miniumum. IS that a setting I should then "fiddle" with, or should I just let it stay at it current setting ?

I have no idea, and I have been trying to figure it out, but I am quite a dunce when it comes to these things.

CPU Clock speed = FSB X Multiplier
The 3500+ has a default clock speed of 2.2Ghz. The FSB should be 200Mhz and the multiplier should be 11. Check your Vcore in the BIOS - it should provide the most accurate reading.

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My A64 is slightly undervlted as well. It also has a 12% OC. It has been running folding@home since december with 100% cpu usage.
If it has enough voltage to be stable, that's all you want. More would just add heat.