Feb 11, 2010
ei i guys,, im planning to build a gaming pc im wandering what should the best cpu and mobo for not exceeding in 200$ budjet,,!?plsss advice me..tnx
Both those links are for the motherboard so I dont know what chip you intend on putting on that plate, and the supported range is so wide-ranging I cant guess and say either way,
I'd definitely look to upgrading the graphics card as soon as you can as well, which may also involve a psu upgrade depending on what you have
I'd not build that as a gaming rig tbh,
you may be better off with an overclocked amd955 build at this price, the real Intel gamechip right now is the 2500, 2500k if you overclock, but thats not in budget even just for the chip
you will be able to play games on the 2100, but I wouldn't expect massive fps and smooth gameplay at high settings, it just wont happen