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Question What should I change if anything?


Jan 4, 2016
If its for gaming, I'd go with the Ryzen 7 3700x for basically the exact same performance, may as well save money.

Try to find a good warranties. You can find 10 year warranties on PSUs for the same price as 3 years.
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1)You need an aftermarket cooler for the 3800X. The stock one isn't adequate. A few suggestions:
Thermalright ARO-M14G/ True Spirit 140 Direct/ Macho Rev B or C
Scythe FUMA 2
Noctua NH-D15S
be quiet! Dark Rock 4

Whoa, that's an old one. Probably needs to be replaced.
Corsair RMX 650/750 as a quick suggestion.

3)Remove the 2 fans. The H510's stock config of rear and top exhaust is the best overall if only air cooling.
The front should be used for a 240/280mm liquid cooler on the 'hottest' part between the cpu and gpu, with the cooler part left to run on air.
On this list, the hottest part is the 2080 Super, so you'd take that and combine it with NZXT's Kraken G12 + an Asetek-made 240/280mm AIO.

Or, simply replace the H510 with a H710; it fixes the 2 main issues with the H500 series, which are it's lack of cooling options and that it's thermally incapable of dealing with both high power cpus and gpus.