What should i choose? Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 RT?


Mar 19, 2016
Hello, i heard today of Windows RT and i searched for Windows 8.1 RT and i saw that it existed.
And i was thinking if i should install Windows 8.1 RT on PC because the OS (Windows 8.1 RT) is for tablet, and if tablets aren't that good (About ram, processor etc.) i have a tablet with 1GB ram (i forgot rest of it, sorry) with Windows 8.1 RT and it worked very fast, and i have a old laptop and it has 2GB ram, Processor Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 550 @ 2.00 GHZ. It's worth it to install Windows 8.1 RT instead of Windows 8.1?

I don't want that much applications or to look very customized etc. Actually i want to save more space.

( I found a way to install Windows 8.1 RT but i am not sure if i will do that so that's why i am asking, and please don't ask me where i found how to get Windows 8.1 RT on PC)
Windows RT is only for ARM chips. And it's dead at this point. Microsoft has dropped ARM for the time being. Also, we don't recommend pirating Windows. Beyond the obvious, most pirated Windows copies are loaded with backdoors and malware.