[SOLVED] What should I do for keeping my system colder


Feb 17, 2020
Hi there,

So im changing my cpu from core i3 9100f to core i5 9400f!

Here's some questions...

I'm worried about my coolness!

I mean already my case has only one usual air cooling fan and my cpu temp is not bad... I use from its maximum power tho! Cuz i work with after effects

I just wanted to ask while my case have only one fan, the default fan of 9400f can keep it cool? I mean i am not like those ppl keeping their pc temp very down so they could show off or whatever, until there's no hurt on my cpu I'm fine!

I can't buy a water cooling system or an expensive air Cooling fan

I only can buy deep cool Alta 7

Either u rather buying that instead of the default cpu fan?

Or using cpu default fan and adding some fans to my case?!

Which one do u offer?!

Already config is core i3 9100f. 1060 6GB 256 ssd. 1tr hdd 7200rpm. 2x 8gb ddr4 2400 ram and in rendering cpu temp is like 75

I would appreciate that if u suggest me every other ways too for making my new cpu cooler

It's some images from my case