[SOLVED] What should I do?

Dec 7, 2018
Hi, actually I have a i5 4460 and a gtx 1070. I was looking for a cpu and i dont know If I should pick an i5 8600 OR i7 8700
but I have to upgrade mother for 1151 and ram for ddr4 or not. I dont want to buy a ddr4 ram. Im planning to buy an asus z170m-e which has 1151 and ddr3 (so I dont have to buy new ones). Is too big the difference between ddr3 and ddr4? I'll just use it for gaming so it's worth upgrading from i5 4460 to i5 8600/i7 8700? (I prefer buying the 8600, I dont have too much money btw, but I want to know if the difference is worth it).
Hope you have understood me and thanks for any answer.
Why do you want to upgrade? You have a 4 core/4 thread CPU right now, so you have the right idea, that you'll need a 6 core/6 thread CPU(Intel) or better as an upgrade.

One way to do this without needing to buy new ram is to get a used i7 4xxx series CPU. You'll have 4 cores/8 threads. The downside is it might cost a lot and it's not as fast as newer CPUs. Your current motherboard support page should tell you what i7s it can use.

Otherwise if you buy a new Intel or AMD CPU you will need a motherboard which also uses DDR4 ram, that's unavoidable.