What should i do!?


Nov 17, 2008
Basically ive hita bit of a brick wall.. I plan on getting a q9550 within the next week or two.. and along with that either 2 gtx 260 core 216's or two gtx 280's.. But as i hear i should overclock to well above 3.00 ghz so that a bottleneck isnt created from the proccesor. But i will only be using a 22 inch monitor (might get 24 but unlikely) And as i hear the lower the resolution the more cpu power it consumes and the higher screen resolution the more gpu it consumes? or is it backwards?? as you can see i need some help. Keep in mind like i said 22-24 inch monitor.. q9550.. hyper 212 cooler.. 1000watt power supply (so no need to be concerned about the gpu power consumption).. so guess the final question is.. what clock speed?? is it worth it?? SHould i just leave it alone at 2.83 ghz.


Try it stock for a few weeks and see what you think. As resolutions (not physical screen sizes) get bigger, you need proportionally more GPU power. As resolutions get smaller, you need proportionally less GPU power, but both CPU and GPU loads go down in an absolute sense.