What should I look for in a motherboard if I want to overclock?


Sep 27, 2018
I was thinking of overclocking the cpu, ram, and gpu.

So I was wondering if I would need heatsinks on my motherboard, since some motherboard's I 've seen have the heatsinks on the left, some have it on the left and on the top, and some don't have any.

Also I was wondering if any motherboard brand are just better at overclocking than others, I have heard that msi doesn't overclock well, but I don't really know if that is true. Many people seem to have good opinions of the ASUS brand, so I was thinking that maybe they have good ability to overclock.

I really would like to know as much as possible, so if you have anything else then that would be very much appreciated since I would like to know much more than I already know about motherboards (which is basically nothing)

Alos, if you could make a recommendation for a b450m type motherboard, it would be much appreciated.
As far as a good overclocking motherboard is concerned, a good mid range motherboard from ASUS, Gigabyte ASRock and MSI will all tend to do a good job. VRM's are important and the heatsink's on them should be good.

The only issue you have is that you are after a Micro ATX board which are smaller than the standard ATX but funnily enough the MSI B450M Mortar has a very good VRM setup and the ASRock B450m Pro is also very good and are probably the stand outs for overclocking...

If you want the very best for overclocking then mid to high end X470 motherboards but I can't seem to see any in the Micro ATX size...