What should I prepare for when upgrading my mobo and cpu?

Feb 4, 2019
So I've ordered a new motherboard from ASUS along with a new cpu, as well as a gpu though I am not worried about that part. I am upgrading my processor from an AMD FX-6300 to an Intel i7-4790S. These components should be coming in a couple days. I've checked PcPartPicker and I'm very sure that my parts are compatible so that's not my concern. I also have a digital key linked to my account for Microsoft Windows 10 so that's not a worry either.

I've read around that I need to uninstall some drivers and such, similar to a gpu, before upgrading, but I've also seen some different websites that say I should back up and then wipe my drives completely. So what should I uninstall/install, or in general do on my computer before I start switching out my components? I have several steam games that I should easily be able to reinstall, but if I were to wipe my drive, what data should I backup?

I would love any help or information here because I am not (and have no intention to become) experienced in troubleshooting.

Having done this several times I think I'd just swap the drives in (after doing a complete backup, of course) and do a Repair Install:


to let it fix things up.

I suggest doing that Repair Install for anyone who's not really interested in being a Windows10 troubleshooter. It's very effective and leaves all installed apps and games in place after the re-install. It usually makes things good without the bother of a clean install and restoring everything.

But I admit this may leave you in a constant state of uncertainty if things don't work as you expect. And one other thing to consider depends on whether you had the disk formatted GPT and set up for UEFI. A clean install would probably be necessary to set the disk up for UEFI if it wasn't previously.

Something I'd suggest, though. If you're a gamer type with a Steam account and a lot of games you might consider a temporary upgrade in internet to gigabit if you don't have it already. Depending exactly how slow your internet is it can take literally weeks to download a full complement of multi-gigabyte games post-upgrade. Doing a clean install will definitely leave you in that position.