Question What should i Upgrade first my CPU or GPU?


Mar 28, 2018
Need help im currently looking to upgrade my PC
the one i have right now is

CPU: intel Core i5-7400
GPU: RX 550
RAM: Corsair 8GB DDR4
PSU: 500 Watt
Motherboard: MSI Mortar (Forgot wich one)
HDD: Seagate 1TB

My upgrade would be to get an SSD, Get another 8GB RAM and now i dont know if i should spend on CPU or GPU
Since the Retail store near my area recommend me to get an RTX 2070 or i7-8700k + new motherboard (Wich if combined can match the price of RTX 2070)

and yes my current processor is a non K processor so i can't overclock it i think



GPU, no question. Your CPU is capable of supporting a much higher tiered graphics card than what you are currently using.

What is the model of your 500w power supply? That could be a factor in choosing a new graphics card, because not all 500w power supplies are created equal.

Adding an SSD for the operating system to reside on is a good idea, it will make a lot of things faster. It will not however help much with gaming if that is your primary consideration. It will speed up load times for maps, levels, saves and textures, but not much else. Still a good idea though.

Adding memory, also a good idea, but don't be too surprised if you add memory and it doesn't want to play nice with your current stick. Getting the exact same model will increase the probability that it works, but it's still no guarantee. Memory not purchased together in a matched set always stands a chance of not being compatible with any sticks that didn't ship together as a matched kit.