Question What should I upgrade


Nov 4, 2013
I have the build below and some money to upgrade. I have roughly 500-600 to spend, what would you advise I upgrade?

4k tn panel acer 60hz monitor
Z370F MB
GTX 1080
16GB team ddr4
I was agonising over upgrading the monitor to an ips gsync but I'd lose my 4k and I can't afford nor justify a 4k 144hz monitor.


RTX 2080 would be a good upgrade.

What is the model of your current power supply?

Jumping up to an i7 would be another thought, as there are plenty of games and applications out there that are well optimized for multicore processing, so the old school rule of having more cores or having hyperthreads not improving gaming or application performance does not apply on current or recent platforms. Even for older platforms running more modern games and applications, there will be a performance difference between same gen i5 and i7 that DID NOT exist to any significant extent WHEN those platforms were new since back then the software couldn't take advantage of it very well.

So that's another option.

PCIE NVME storage is another, if you don't already have an NVME M.2 drive.

Better mouse and keyboard?

External drive to back up all your important personal and game files? If you DON'T have a secondary drive or external storage, that you use for backups of your files and backing up system images, that is really the very first thing you should be thinking about. Nobody feels bad for anybody when they lose all their stuff because it wasn't backed up. And it happens ten times a day here.
On top of what darkbreeze said, a 2080 could be worth while, if only for RTX. Otherwise would be cheaper to get a used 1080Ti.

Any of the other upgrades mentioned by dark are good too.

However, I personally can't justify an NVMe SSD for what they cost vs what you're actually getting out of it performance wise. Unless you're doing work with large files and stuff then it's a waste of money.

Aside from GPU upgrade just for performance sake at 4K and 60fps, perhaps some RGB upgrades for bling purposes?

If you sold your current CPU and GPU could easily upgrade to a used 1080Ti or new 2080, and then get an 8700K.

Or sell the CPU and MOBO and go Ryzen.

You now have options so what you do with your money is up to you now


Since you can use FreeSync now, have you looked at those?

What monitor do you currently have? A 4k something-or-other?
Did you even read the post? Twice he states he has a 4k panel and that he CAN'T afford a 144hz 4k display. It IS helpful to not just react but also maybe read through the post, twice if necessary, so you don't overlook basic information and ask about something they've already clarified. Don't feel bad, I've done it myself, but usually that's due to half page long posts where it's easy to miss something rather than a short post where 10% of the post relates to the fact that he has a 4k display.

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