Question What should I upgrade

Oct 16, 2019
This is my current build.

It runs fps games like csgo, rainbow, apex, and overwatch fine, but I want to get into more AAA titles. For some reason games like Metro exodus, battlefield 5, and ac oddyssey are stuttering messes. I also want to play doom eternal, the outer worlds, and cyberpunk when it come out. What would be the most beneficial upgrade in order to do this?
I agree. There isn't a game out there that you shouldn't be able to play smoothly at 1440p with at least medium settings.

You potentially have a software or hardware problem. I'd get MSI Afterburner installed and start looking at component utilization. Also, start looking on forums for people with similar problems and start looking at what could cause them. I had an issue on a very capable PC where the Razer software was DESTROYING my performance in Doom 2016 (I was getting 25-35 FPS on a machine good for 130 FPS). I uninstalled the software and things have been fine since, and I've even noticed performance increases in other games.