[SOLVED] What should the next upgrade be?


Dec 12, 2015
Current Build:

Mobo: Maximus Code IX
CPU: i5 7600k(4.8Ghz /Noctua DH-15S @1.24v)
RAM: 8x2GB Ripjaws V(16CAS/3200Mhz)
GPU: RTX 3070
Storage: 2xCrucial 1TB SSD(SATA 3/RAID 0)
Monitor: 32" 1440p 144Hz

Why I want to upgrade: Prior I had the 1070 and felt it was what was holding me back from getting a steady 144FPS in titles such as Fallout 4(w/mods) and No Man's Sky, and sure enough the 3070 got me from having those full stop moments to those nuisance split-second jolts when it's loading another zone(especially when I'm using a vehicle), but I was really hoping to hit seamless at 1440p/144FPS.

What's bugging me: The reason I'm at 4.8Ghz isn't because I hit unstable but because I was getting to the mid 70s during an 8 hour benchmark and I didn't really want to boost it any higher since at the time the 1070 was more of a problem anyway. I know this board can't go much higher than a 7700k but from what I've read it'd be rather negligible performance for the price as opposed to just investing in liquid cooling and shooting for 5Ghz(unless others think I might be able to get higher speeds for a wee bit more heat/voltage). The other thing I was looking at was migrating to 2x NVMe SATA 0, but I've also heard compared to what I already have I wouldn't see any benefits outside Photoshop/Maya.

So I'm hoping someone else could throw in their two cents if like one of the numbers I'm giving looks underperforming or recommend what I should look at next or if I'm kinda just at the end of the road for this rig.