Question What size and aspect ratio is an AOC 24B2W1G5 display?


Dec 12, 2009
Windows shows 24B2W1G5 as model for an AOC monitor. Do you know which size (in inches) is this monitor?
Is it 24.0 inches 16:9 aspect ratio?
I have not found the specs of "24B2W1G5" online.
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Math Geek

it'll be a 1080p monitor so 16:9 and diagonal should be 23.8 like the rest of the AOC 24" models. but of course that part is a guess.

where do you even see this model? i don't turn up a product page or a sale listing or anything for that number. you sure you got the right model # ?
I would say that is the more than likely correct. I had a 24" AOC monitor that had one model number when I purchased it, but a different model number when Windows showed it. So I understand your frustration. That monitor probably goes by a different model number.

Math Geek

i have a 24G1 myself and love it. they made a G2 which had a higher refresh rate if i recall right and a couple other upgrades.

i'm looking basically at AOC 24B2** for my guess. probably right for the basic questions asked here. but any further questions i'd have no idea really. such as panel type, referesh rate and so on.