Question What size power supply

May 27, 2019
New build running gtx 1080 gfx, Ryzen 3600x, b450 pro carbon mobo, 4 data drives, 2ssd drives, mouse, keyboard.

Any other tips on PSU or recommendations welcome. Thanks
The psu wattage you need is determined by your graphic configuration.
Here is a handy chart.
GTX1080 is about 520w.
I have no problem overprovisioning a PSU a bit. Say 20%.
It will allow for a stronger future graphics card upgrade.
It will run cooler, quieter, and more efficiently in the middle third of it's range.
A PSU will only use the wattage demanded of it, regardless of it's max capability.

Of more importance is the quality.
Pick a tier 1 or 2 unit from a tier list such as this:

The Seasonic focus 650w listed above ticks off all requirements; a very good unit.
Plus, it is compact, only 140mm long.