[SOLVED] what sound card for an old Dell GX520?

Aug 12, 2019
Hi everybody
I have an old Dell GX520 and I would like to put a sound card inside.

Reading the technical guidebook, it says that there is only a PCI slot, and looking inside, it seems to be true : no PCI x but simple PCI.

Could someone give me a list of some cheap sound card (in low profile or not, because it's a SFF computer) for PCI slot please, thx.

[edit] I had trouble to find the technical desktop book, I found it and it says ONE PCI slot -> I found some pci sound card on ebay [/edit]
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Jun 29, 2016
Most sound cards i know of are PCI-e based and not compatible with PCI.

The slots have different configurations and do not fit with the cards. However, most motherboards have a combination of PCI and PCI Express cards.

Do not force your card into a slot if it doesn't seem to fit.

Doing so may damage your hardware.
Aug 12, 2019
Thank you geek !!!

I think I have found some cheap sound card on ebay today ; the story of this computer was sad.

A friend of mine came home completely drunk and kicked his computer (this one is a SFF too)... He gave it to me and move on an another town. I opened it, cutted everything I could with a steel blade for cooling, changed some ram (BSOD), Thermal paste, hard disk, changed computer power supply for a desktop one and moved it to external, cleaned the cpu fan, installed Windows trust...

I installed a stripped linux knoppix 7.2 on an old usb key, modified some files for SSH, and I could backup my Dell SFF 3010 Windows 7 - 64b, with Windows trust shares on the GX520, backup my old acer laptop without screen Slackware 14.2 MLED with the knoppix on usb key.

And now I have a new chalenge :

I found a still working very old walkman designed for swimming pool and a friend of mine gave me 20 audio analogic I can save using Audacity on Linux.

Install Linux on a 40 Go hard disk on the GX 520 with a cheap sound card and capture audio analogic with Audacity and the walkman through the sound card (works fine I already tried).
Another option is a USB sound card. Prices vary fron almost nothing to SoundblasterX-Fi Go Pro and up. Drivers for newer OS maybe hard to find for some old PCI cards. I would look into that first before I buy. The USB card can be moved forward to a laptop or newer computer.
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