What temperature is dangerous to a cpu?


Mar 23, 2012
My laptop cpu gets to 95C when playing TF2 on lowest settings for 20min. Should I be concerned? What can I do to keep it cooler?

that is close to or near a cpu max temp. depending on how big of a heat sink the vendor made and how they built the laptop there are sometime not much you can do to keep a laptop cool under a gaming stress. first thing is buy a can of canned air and turn laptop off let it cool....you dont want to thermal shock anything...sometime when using canned air you can freeze things.
try blow dust out of the laptop. then go into power savings and anything in the bios that says fan speed. turn off power savings...that should make the cpu fan come on sooner. check to see online if the laptop vendor has fan control software or fan profile software..if not see if program like fanspeed will let you turn the fan up. the other last line is using a laptop cooling mat.