Feb 10, 2004
Windows XP Pro (SP2 and all updates)

Hi folks. I've got a problem on my hands. Just last week I ditched my 9800XT for a x850xt PE. Twice the power, indeed. However, twice the hassel as well.

You see, the problem I am about to outline has never happened with my 9800XT in the system. I am using CAT 5.7 drivers and am loving the FarCry, Dungeon Siege 2, Thief: DS, Doom 3 playing but am starting to worry.

Now to the problem: Twice so far (once in DS2 and once in FarCry) I'll be playing the game and all of a sudden my screen will flash to a Blank BLUE SCREEN and my speakers will emit an annoying high pitch screech and remain like this until cold reboot!!!
(RECALL that this NEVER happened with my 9800XT). Also, I am not and never have overclocked my video card..neither the 9800XT nor x850xt. However, I do overclock my Processor and backed it back down to stock (3.0 GHZ).

Any ideas anyone?

As a result, I have turned error reporting on so that it will generate a report the next time it happens. Any clues on how to read the generated report?

Thanks so much.
P4 3.0ghz @ 3.5ghz
Abit IC-7
1GB PC-4000 DDR
Visiontek XTASY Radeon X850XT PE AGP 256MB
SB Audigy 2 ZS
160GB Maxtor SATA 150 h/d

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