Jun 6, 2002
Ok here's the deal. I played Morrowind hmmm maybe two months ago and the game worked like a dream. Now I decided to pick up where I left off but it is extremely laggy. I've haven't done anything really since the last time I've played, just loaded PoP:SoT and the newest catalyst drivers for my video card. Why is it lagging where just a few months ago it was fine? Here are my specs:

1800+ Xp
Ati 9700 Pro
a7n8x deluxe
3500 xms corsair 512mb
20gb Quantum Fireball HD

Check your Settings in the Control Panel. Be sure to turn off AA/AF.

Also check your resolution in Morrowind, and your view distance an such. Are they what you usually run?

No problems with Morrowind on my end.

When does it lag specifically?

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