What tier is my PSU?

While I'm usually opposed to judging power supplies on a tier by tier basis, this one definitely belongs in tier 5.

Unstable output at 150W, very unstable output at a mere 250W, potential fire hazard above 300W. Note that this does not mean it's guaranteed not to explode under 300W.


Mar 2, 2017
i asked what tier my PSU was.. not how bad it was..

thats all you people ever do.. is recommend to buy something else.. why cant you just be usefull for once in your life.

im not made of money.. i cant just go ahead and buy a new GPU, PSU or CPU whenever i want, get off tomshardware.. you're not usefull at all.
They are trying to help. A crap PSU can literally kill your whole pc if it fails and failures are far too common with this type of unit. That will cost you a lot more money than a reasonable quality unit.

They go beyond the original question as many people don't know the right questions to ask.

A whole two weeks? I've been using the same PSU for over ten years now so excuse me if I don't defer to your expansive knowledge.


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I love a bit of over provisioning, but almost triple what you will actually be using is overkill in even my book. 550-650 will do
there is nothing wrong with getting a 750W PSU other than the price differences.
If you decide to invest in a 750, look hard at the EVGA g3 supernova. Industry leading 10 yr warranty.
scroll down to the bottom,the response to the category The Bad is priceless
Question from Precedentbug : "Would my PSU Be Fine?"

Yes, a 550w would be enough for what you have or up to a 1060.

This is why we are so adament on this forum for people to get a quality power supply, it is the heart of your and going cheap on it can cost you hundreds of dollars in damaged parts.
450W PSUs aren't worth it if you ever plan on upgrading to more powerful graphics cards, you're saving $10 at the cost of limiting yourself to the GTX x60 cards and under. If you don't plan on upgrading past that then I guess it's fine



I disagree. You should be able to run a GTX 1080 and a normal CPU as long as you don't overclock past reasonable capabilities of the power supply.

Plus if he only has the money for a cheap GPU now, why should we assume he's going to rack up $1000 for some crazy high-end GPU anyway? Chances are when he decides to upgrade down the line in like 3 years he'll upgrade to a similar-tier GPU. PC builders don't just suddenly become rich.