Question What to buy: HDMI cable brand/type?


Sep 1, 2021
So I'm upgrading everything in the next few months and I just was wondering what kind and brand of HDMI cables you all buy? Cheap, expensive,etc.
just was wondering what kind and brand of HDMI cables you all buy?
for any monitor i've always used whatever DisplayPort or HDMI the manufacturer includes.
this way you know for absolute sure that this cable will fit the needed revision for necessary bandwidth.

for TVs, the same for a basic receiver or cable box.
just manufacturer provided.

now for long distance high resolution, high refresh rate, HDR connectivity it's a completely different story.
you would need a very high quality HDMI 2.1 cable that, depending on the length, may need to be fiber optic.
these can be very expensive depending on the length necessary.
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Big difference in price huh. Over priced.
i don't think i've ever bought actual "brand name" cables due to the insane markup for any larger manufacturers.

i ended up going with some "semi-generic" fiber optic ~$65 30ft 2.1 that works fine using 4K 120Hz HDR on my LG CX from the PC.
vs the ≥$180 brand name alternatives that were available at the time.

this was after trying 3 different even lower quality options that varied from 25-40ft.
none of those 3, though claiming HDMI 2.1 specs, could remain at 120Hz with HDR enabled.