What to buy on steam for $20?

Save your cash, save any spare cash, and wait for winter...

Winter is coming....

and that means big deals!

Put that 20 bucks and any spare change in a piggy-bank for now; although it's still a bit way. :/ You could just wait for a midweek deal for a game that you are interested in.


Jul 21, 2012
If you like a decent FPS that has something a little different to offer pick up Blacklight Retribution for free and spend $20 on in game items. I rate it better than COD and easier to get into than BF3
"The Winter is coming..." hehe, +1 to fellow SoI&F fans

I will say look for deals, FPS you can get CSGO. Dungeon crawler you can pick up Torchlight 2. There's always indie bundle sales going on if you fancy any of those. And for RTS or eco/sims just troll for sales.