Question What to do with a Ideapad 120S No POST ?

Sep 23, 2022
Hi guys!
I hope everyone is doing ok. I was hoping I could get help with this one.
I tried to replace the keyboard of my Ideapad as the original one had keys that were not working; I checked several youtube videos on how to replace the keyboard. I got to the part where I disconnected the old keyboard and installed the new one. When I first powered it up, I noticed that the usual light indicator on the side lit up, but there was no display on the screen; after 60 seconds, the laptop powered off.

Here's what I have done so far:
Connected an external keyboard, no light indicator on num lock nor caps lock
Disconnected the battery, held the power button for at least 20, reconnected the storm, and powered it up, same results, no POST
Disconnected the batter, connected ac adaptor, hit power, still no post
I tried connecting an external monitor, but no display
Disconnected the new keyboard and put back the old one, same result.
Disconnected the internal keyboard ribbon and shorted the connector to power it on, light indicator stayed on for 60 sec, no display on the external monitor.
I also checked if there was any damage on the charging pin, and I didn't see any visible damage.
The only thing that I have not tried to do is to trace the power and check if there's any ground and the only reason that I left this out is that I don't know how to do this. I hope I didn't trash this laptop completely, as I plan to use this as a backup for work. Please help! Thank you!