Question What to do with broken OLED screen?

Hi all,

I'm actually posting about a TV and not a monitor though I believe the question still applies.

I bought me 65" OLED LG TV a year and half ago. Only to have it break down on me 6 months after the 1-year warranty period. As you can guess I'm not having a great time right now...

In any case, I was wondering if there's anything I can do with it?

Here's what's broken and mot broken:
The screen has a green vertical line going across it.
The screen displays image but the colors are washed up and the display extremely dim.
LG technicians did mot want to open panel up unless sent to the factory but they assured me that the issue is the actual screen.
All the internals (motherboards, speakers, cables, etc...) were all tested and work normally.

What do you guys think? Anything I can do with it?
What country are you in and does the shop offer a warranty? In the UK many shops include their own 5-6 year warranties on TV’s. Also under fair usage your consumer rights in the UK and I think EU would entitle you to some % of refund as 1.5 years is not fair usage of a TV.

As for the TV I expect there is nothing you can do and you need LG or a professional TV repair company to fix it.
Damn, that sucks, especially since by B6 is still holding on. For somethat that expensive, always pay for the extended protection.

Depending where you purchased it, you may be covered by store warranty. You can also try getting LG to replace the panel; not sure how much that costs offhand though.
Yeah, replacing the panel is out of the question since it's virtually the same price as a new one. So I've already gone ahead and purchased a new TV. I did, however, go for a more standard LED as opposed to burning another few thousand on another OLED.

Unfortunately, they don't know what consumer protection is in Indonesia so that's also out of the window.

There aren't any official stores here such as a FNAC, MediaMarkt, Best Buy, and the sorts. So, we're stuck with the official 1-year brand warranties, unfortunately. I would have personally been more than happy to pay for an additional warranty for such a pricey unit.

I've already slowly accepted the fact that I was just terrifyingly unlucky. Although, I was wondering if any of you knew what can be done with a TV in this condition? Any hopes on reselling spare parts? Does the panel still hold any value of sorts? Is there any way this can be salvaged into a lesser-but-functional version? Heck, I'd even be interested in DIY stuff. It just seems like such a waste of cash at this point...


Pick some price and put it up on a local site for sale for parts only. Shipping such a large TV would pretty much mean you have to give it away to make it worth for someone to buy. If you bought the TV using a credit card some cards also offer an automatic extended warranty on items.