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Question what to do with extra case fans

Mar 18, 2020
I'm doing a build and my case comes pre-installed with 3 front fans. I'm buying one fan for the back of the case but it's so small that I can only find it in 3 packs. Since I only need one back fan I'm curious on what I should do with the other 2, any thoughts?
Feb 29, 2020
If they move more air or are PWM (4 pin) VS 3 pin I'd swap them out for the front intake.
If you can mount one on the rear top as an exhaust that would be a good use.
Sell any extras or keep them as backup.


That's a standard size 120mm pc fan, they aren't 'so small', small would be 40mm or even upto 80mm lol.

The reason you can't find them single is that even TT doesn't sell them single, they only come as optioned as a 3pack. TT direct is actually the cheapest source by $4. You'd think that being designed specifically for radiators they'd come in 1 or 2 or 3packs for the 120mm, 240mm or 360mm AIO's but oh well, TT's decision there.

You can do as you please with the other 2, many will use them on the cpu cooler, on the top, even as additional bottom front intakes or do nothing but stick them on a shelf, just incase one fails down the road. Just try not to stick fans where they'll actually disrupt your air flow through the case from intake to exhaust.