What to do with that hobbled x4 PCIe slot..


Apr 7, 2006
I have a GA-P55-UD3R which I got virtually for free from a brick an mortar retailer. I also have a ATI 4850 and about $150 with which I wish to play around with.
What should I do to maximize my gaming potential:

Ideas I have:
1) Get another 4850 and see what I can get from CrossFire and a heat sink. (Obnoxious that the 776 and 1156 are not compatibil.)
2) Get a nVidia card and see what I can get from hacked PhysX.
3) Save up for the next round of nVidia cards.
4) Sell the Mobo on Ebay and get a real Mobo (and another 4850.)

Besides that, I'd like to see someone do a benchmark of modern cards in x16/x4 crossfire operation. The only ones I've seen are 3 years old.