Question What to download to Z390-AORUS-ULTRA?


Basically, Win10 will install all the drivers you need either during installation or during the first Win Update you do..
But if you want to use the ones from the board's website, Chipset, LAN, Audio, and a possible BIOS update if you feel you need it.
The rest are up to you depending on how you use your PC. The VGA driver is handy if you ever need to run w/o a discrete card.


Feb 4, 2016
assuming you also have compatible memory and cpu & a decent psu, nothing. It should plug'n'play. Drivers are loaded when Windows is installed, and then you download and install all the board specific drivers. Windows may load a version of the driver only not the board specific version.

You shouldn't usually need a bios update to simply make it work if all the cpu and mem are compatible. Updating the bios is straightforward as placing the bios file on a usb drive, entering the bios by pressing <del> on power up and navigating to the built in bios update utility. You should be able to find the drive and the file in the utility & load it. Don't cut power while the bios update is in progress.

Probably best to update the bios to version f7 looks like they have accumulated quite a few patches since release. You wouldn't ordinarily update a bios unless there is a specific problem affecting your system but vague things like 'improve system compatibility' is probably on about some updates to support peripherals that use the system bus. Usb maybe m.2 drives and so on.

Sometimes, these days, a board is released before a new cpu so it needs a microcode update. Even if you bought the board after the cpu was released, the bios might not have been updated so you'd need a different compatible cpu to simply flash in the new bios.
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I will install this motherboard and there's no CD/DVD-drive in this computer. So what files do I need to put on a USB-drive to get it running?
I guess it's not possible to have an online installation of needed drivers and files for first time installation?

Nothing, it will be plug and play.

Update Windows 10 after install.

Download and install the App Center and run the update in that and it will install all the latest drivers and software etc that is needed.