Jan 12, 2013
Hey, guys, I just recently started getting into computer games, but i have been spoiled by the consoles, and I find the skipping framerate offputting, much as I thought I could tolerate it. I sought out a website where I could ask experts such as yourselves what would be recommended for gameplay that would be decently smooth for a resolution that isn't choppy and doesn't fit the screen. My optimal resolution is 1360 x 768. I'd like to be able to play decently well without the "lag" being terribly prominent. I don't know if I would need a better video card or what... I know nothing about computers, though I'm not too old to learn.

If I made a mistake in posting this, please point me in the right direction.

Back in, I guess, 2009, I bought the following computer for $600:


Inspiron 560

Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5700 @ 3.00 Ghz 3.00 Ghz


Windows 7 Home Premium

Service pack 1

ACPI x64-based

Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset

I don't know what all info to put down.

Azn Cracker

You don't have a dedicated graphics card. Currently, you are playing games on the gpu that is embedded into your cpu/mobo which is really crappy. So in order to see decent graphics you will have to buy a new graphics card. Also your cpu is pretty crappy so that might be bottle necking your system if you upgrade.

Best to just build a new computer if you are up for it.

Also I don't know how you can tolerate such low resolutions and saying you were spoiled by consoles is just wrong. PC games will usually have better graphics as long as you can afford the hardware to support it. I guess consoles are cheaper though.