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Question What to upgrade next?


Mar 1, 2012
Hi all,

I currently have

AMD Ryzen % 1600x six core processor
32 GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050TI 4gb
Running Windows 10 Pro 64
Gigabyte AX370M-Gaming 3 AMD Socket AM4
Evo Labs Cronus 600W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply

I'd like to know what will be best to upgrade next?

Thanks Richard
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With PSU also listed, next upgrade that i'd do would be the PSU.

  1. I couldn't find any reputable review of that PSU from the net. Matter of fact, i couldn't find any reviews of that PSU. That alone is a bad sign.
  2. Besides non-existent reviews, i couldn't find any official specs or Evo Labs page itself, nothing. That's a really bad sign.
  3. Only credible info about that PSU that i found is that it was first mentioned back in 2013, which makes it's platform 6 years old, if not more.
What you essentially have is no-name PSU and there is nothing out there that would say it's better than worst of the worst PSUs, known as crap quality PSUs. Without official specs and reviews, your PSU can and mostly likely is, a fire hazard, never to be used and replaced ASAP.

That being said, for your PC and considering that you upgrade CPU and/or GPU down the line, a good build quality 600W range PSU is more than enough for any PC which uses only one dedicated GPU. Here, i suggest going for any Seasonic unit, in 600W range. E.g: Focus 650 (80+ Gold), Focus+ 650 (80+ Gold), PRIME Ultra 650 (80+ Platinum) or PRIME Ultra 650 (80+ Titanium),
pcpp.uk: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/products/compare/WrNypg,7MfmP6,7fndnQ,fnjJ7P/
(since that Evo Labs PSU was available only in Germany and UK, above pcpp link is for UK)

Warranty wise:
Focus: 7 years
Focus+: 10 years
PRIME: 12 years (includes all PRIME models: regular, Fanless, AirTouch, SnowSilent, Ultra)

All 3 of my PCs: Skylake, Haswell and AMD are also powered by Seasonic. Full specs with pics in my sig.

You can cheap out on every other component inside the PC except PSU. Since PSU powers everything, it is the most important component inside the PC. Also, while the PSU warranty covers the PSU itself and you can RMA the blown PSU, the PSU warranty doesn't cover any other component the PSU fried.

Most people learn the hard way not to cheap out on a PSU when low quality PSU blows and takes part of the system or the whole system with it. Even entire houses have been burned down because of the fire low quality PSU caused when it blowed up.

Like it or not, if you want your PC to work for years to come without any risk of fire and/or damage to your components, you need to hand out some money for good quality PSU. I'm not talking that you need to go with the best PSU money can buy, e.g Seasonic PRIME 650 (80+ Titanium), which costs £170+ (and which also powers my Skylake build). Seasonic Focus+ 650 i linked above costs £98 and is more than enough for your PC, both wattage and build quality wise.

However, if you continue using your "budget" PSU, please, do record a video when your cheap PSU blows up since i like to see some good fireworks. Just like seen in here,
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY27LkiEROg

youtube 2:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6snWfd1v7M

If you're not willing to replace your PSU, 1st thing i'd buy is a fire extinguisher since you'll have far more use from fire extinguisher than from new CPU or GPU when your cheap PSU blows up, fries entire PC and catches fire as well.
If you are looking to improve gaming performance, a faster graphics card would provide the most benefit. Even something like a GTX 1660 would provide around double the graphics performance of a 1050 Ti in newer games with the settings turned up, and a 1660 SUPER or Ti would provide even more performance.